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Unfortunaletly it seems as though time has passed by and I haven't really had time to update this page. So, to remedy this problem I shall be writing some small articles concerning 'what I'm listening to'. I hope that some of these will give people some ideas and inspiration to follow up and of course .... discover some new sounds.

April 2009

Ben Allison + Man Size Safe - Little Things Run The World (2005)

Ben Allison (bass), Ron Horton (tmpt), Steve Cardenas (gtr), Michael Sarin (drms) + guest Michael Blake (sax).

This is an easy jazz CD to recommend to one and all. Ben Allison writes real music for his bands by which I mean not just a theme and a bunch of solos from star players. On this CD he's surrounded by some of his usual team of players - Ron Horton (tmpt), Steve Cardenas (gtr), Michael Sarin (drms) + guest : Michael Blake (sax) - whom he works with regularly and has done for years making this real 'band' which is very unusual nowadays and of course helps the music to be played with a true group feeling.

As for the CD itself there are plenty of things to discover for all listeners, highlights (for me) include ; Michael Blake's fantastic solo on 'Little Things Run the World', Steve Cardenas' beautiful ballad 'Language of Love' which could of been a hit for Stax and the likes of Otis Redding had it been written in the past decade, 'Roll Credits' and 'Jealous guy' (yup, John Lennon's) all make this album a real pleasure to come back to again and again.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that all of Ben Allison's work is worth checking out as he is able to work with various 'areas/styles' of music whilst always remaining accessible. Some of his previous CDs have included a Kora player, an Oud player and on the Medicine Wheel albums Tomas Ulrich on cello (which merges into the music very well). It's also worthwhile looking into the individual players catalogues as Michael Blake, Ron Horton, Steve Cardenas, Frank Kimbrough (pianist), Ted Nash (saxophonist), etc .... all have many strong albums to their names also.

For more info why not check out :

More to come, when I have time ...........Twelves Trio, Porpoise Corpus (UK Jazz Rock), Stephane Chausse (French clarinetist, wow), etc.