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Gigs with Mark Hanslip in May 2012

A quick newsflash to say that there will be a short tour with the UK sax player Mark Hanslip going ahead in May. Please check the gigs pages for up to date news as we're trying to add concerts at the last minute to fill up a few days in the week of 13th to 18th of May. The group will consist of Mark and myself (saxes), Hugo Antunes (bass) and Jakob Warmenbol (drums).

Pure Data in 2012

I've been spending a lot of time working on my Pure Data programming which looks as though it's starting to come to fruition in my project 'The Man with the Glass Nose' and a new composition based on sounds from the orient (very trendy!) which is simply called 'Koto'. I recently spent a few months working with the Numedia Creactif team at the Mons polytechnic developing ideas using Processing, Pure Data, openFrameworks and other digital media programing systems. I hope to present a solo project at some point in 2012 using my Pure Data skills so look out for more info on the website. However if you're in Liege on the 21st of April check out the gigs page for concert details of the 'Man with the Glass Nose'.

It's been a long time! - 2012

It's certainly been a long time since I updated this page, or at least added some news. I should immediately say that I'm no longer working with the Wrong Object which I mentioned below, I'll remove that link shortly. In the meanwhile more interesting news is whilst working with the Wrong Object I met keyboard player Antoine Guenet who invited me to join his new project. It's a very interesting project which he's calling the AG8tet based on the compositional ideas of Nancarrow and Ligetti. The group which is a double quartet will be performing in July, please check the gigs page for concerts.

blogspot - Cardboard Music

A new blog that I've put up for ease of leaving info and news about (my) everyday life as a musician, some thoughts on gigs I've seen, reviews I've read, things that people have said. If you're interested just follow this ... blog. However, all main news about Joe Higham's groups, dates, CDs etc will still be published here!

2010 - The Wrong Object

I've been invited to join The Wrong Object, the Belgian based prog rock group run by Michel Delville. The Wrong Object has been working with various ex-Canterbury scene musicians, notably Elton Dean, who recorded his last CD with the group before his untimely death. Other collaberations have included Annie Whitehouse and Harry Beckett. The CDs can be found via their website (see below) of which most are on Moonjune Records, if you Google that you'll come up with their website NO problem. There's plenty more interesting groups to be found on there also. I'll keep you posted on the new dates, but if you check out the gigs page you can see when and where we're playing.

::: Wrong Object ::: website here.

February 2009 - New CD finally finished and out!

Contact me via contact the page for more details. I'll have a few samples up shortly and a new page where you can buy CDs of myself .... and other bands I'm involved in.

Al-Orkesta : Where are we now?

Joe Higham (ten sax/clarinets), Jean Paul Estievenart (trmpt), Olivier Stalon (bass), Jacques Pirotton (gtr), Stephan Pougin (drms).

You can also check ou the MOGNO:MUSIC website for more details and downloading possibilities.

The Morton Fork will be (kind of) back!!

We're still reviewing the mixes of the last concert made in Brussels and hopefully something should be happening by late 2010.

Joe Higham (saxes),Geoff Leigh (sax/flute), Daniel Stockart (saxes), Mark Bogaerts (bari sax/gtr), Guy Segers (bass), Jan Kuijken (cello), Daniel Denis (drms).

After all these years tapes have been sitting in the vaults from two nights recorded at the Brussels Botanique. Many people have asked if the tapes have ever been released. Well the answer now is ...... they're on their way! We've finally transfered the music onto digital format and are in the process of deciding what to release (over 2CDs worth of music). For all those interested follow up some of these links to keep an eye on what's happening.

A few links to follow up..../ Quelque liens a suivre.

Joe Higham @ MySpace
Geoff Leigh @ MySpace
Guy segers @ MySpace

In the Meanwhile .....

The following pages (see index) are various views and ideas that I have had concerning jazz and music in genreral. Click on the index pages to read the articles and of course, any feedback from these articles is welcome. Just click here to send me your views & opinions.

Index :

1 - Where's the Real Jazz! (old article 2006)

CD Reviews - what I'm listening to!

2 - May 2008 - Bill McHenry & Trio AAB.
3 - July 2008 - Ben Monder & Tim Berne.
4 - March 2009 - Michael Blake (Blake's Tartare).
5 - April 2009 - Ben Allison + Man Size Safe.

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