Is a special project formed with Mark Hanslip (London,UK). Mark is well known as a founder member of 'Outhouse' and 'Outhouse Ruhabi'. He is now developing a more open form of playing and works within the UK improv scene with among others Mark Sanders, Olie Brice, Tony Marsh, Mike Hurley. HHAW (the 4tet) tries to fuse elements of improvisation and written composition into very loose structures, creating a wild (and intense) mixture of melody and free blowing!

HHAW - Mark Hanslip : Tenor sax, Joe Higham : Tenor & Soprano sax/clarinet, Hugo Antunez : Double Bass, Jakob Warmenbol : drums.

Please listen to some samples here on the Cardboard Music blog page, and read a little more information on the formation of the 4tet on HHAW-Hanslip, Higham, Antunez, Warmenbol.


A group formed to combine Arabic,Turkish  and Balkan rhythms together with some influences from Jewish music. After many years of playing the Ney in a classical Arab music group and clarinet in the klezmer group 'Yiddish Tanz Riyvivale', I decided that I was more interested in merging the various elements into one type of music. This has produced an interesting fusion which, at times, sounds like something between Soft Machine and Sharkiat. I have included some original compositions in the repertoire and transcribed others from taped sources which I had collected whilst travelling or from recorded archives. This group has also been heavily influenced by the work of Chris Speed, Brad Shepik and,  Matt Darriau.

Cd now out on Mogno:Music ..... look for 'Where are we now?' j030.

For more information and some Al-Orkesta sounds visit: www.myspace.com/joehigham

Currently, the group consists of:
Joe Higham: Sax/Clarinet, Olivier Stalon: Electric Bass, Renaud Person: Drums/Percussion, Jacques Pirotton: Guitar, Jean Paul Estievenart: Trumpet.

For some photos of the group in concert in Bondues (North of France) - February 09 - click on this ..... link.

Trios - PHP/HDM

Two trios working on a different repertoire than Al-Orkesta and with a slightly free-ish approach to the music. The trios adopt a more open approach to playing live with compositions that include rock, jazz, Balkan and some free elements, the trios consist of :

PHP - Joe Higham : sax/clarinet, Jacques Pirotton : guitar and Stephan Pougin : drums.

HDM - Joe Higham : sax:clarinet, Chris Mentens : acoustic bass/effects, Francois Descamps : guitar.

Please listen to some samples here (also on the gigs page - see trio HDM)

HDM mp3

Other (working) Groups:


After playing together for many years and recording several Cds (see below) in the group Odex Protocole with Bai Kamara Jr., we decided to form a group which worked on a more acoustic basis playing a simpler type of soul-blues which we had perfected in Odex. This group now is in its fifth year, performs in intimate settings either alone or inviting guests such as Dani Klein from Vaya Con Dios or percussionist Michel Seba from Slang. The group is preparing a live DVD which was recorded at Brussels Archiduc in April 2008.

mp3 Valve

CDs with Odex Protocole:
The Lay Your Body EP (Crossover CMD S9601)
Delivery Day (Crossover CD19).
CDs with Bai Kamara Jr:
Urban Gypsy  (Bang Music BC0421).

The group consists of: Bai Kamara: Guitar/Vocals, Joachim: Piano,
Thierry Rombaut: Bass, Joe Higham: Sax/Clarinet, Eric Moens: Guitar

Chris Mentens' Jazz Van

The group of Chris Mentens has been working in the present format since 2003. Earlier versions of the group had two saxophones and no vibes. The group has played extensively in Belgium including the 2005 Jazz Lab Series organised by 'De Werf'.

For more information visit: www.chrismentens.be

CDs available:
2006 - Drivin' with the Chris Mentens Jazz Van (AZ1005)
2008 -Burnin' with the Chris Mentens Jazz Van (w.e.r.f.065)

The group consists of: Chris Mentens: Double Bass + effects,
Sam Versweyveld: Trumpet, Joe Higham: Sax & Clarinet,
Jan Nihoul: Vibes, Bilou Doneux: Drums.

mp3 Jazz Van