Al Orkesta - Where are we now?

out on Mogno j030

Joe Higham - sax/clarinet, Jean-Paul Estievenart - trumpet, Jacques Pirotton - guitar, Olivier Stalon - bass, Stephan Pougin - drums.

1. House of the Marriage (9:06)
2. Sal Fi-na Al-Lahdha (6:45)
3. Saz Samai (5:12)
4. Valse Immonde (2:51)
5. Al Hayawan/The Slaves Lament (7:29)
6. Maflous (6:16)
7. Shpil-zhe mir a lidele (10:23)
8. Aqsaq Effendi (6:53)
9. Simple Dan(ce) (9:02)
10. Horo Krivo (3:52)

This is the first release from Joe Higham's Al-Orkesta, a musician who has been working in many areas of jazz and folk music for many years. Here Joe Higham successfully fuses ethnic melodies and rhythms with jazz and rock to produce a hybrid music which rests somewhere between modern day Brotherhood of Breath, Soft Machine and Nucleus. Al-Orkesta is the vehicle that Joe Higham uses to integrate oriental or balkan rhythms (often as a starting point), yet the music still remains firmly european jazz in it's style.

So, the new CD is out on Mogno j030 which you find online @ or at ... OR you can always contact me and I'll sort it out ... but in the meanwhile here's a few things the press have said ... until now :

All About Jazz
Michael Ricci commented ....

"House of the Marriage" is a smokin' track! I'm listening to it now!

Le Soir

Un album qui fait du bien. C'est revigorant, enthousiamant et, en meme temps, reflechi et spirituel.
Joe Higham au sax et sa troupe (Estievenart - trompette, Pirotton - guitare, Stalon - basse, Pougin - batterie) fusionnent jazz, rock, musique ethnique balkanique originaux, surprenants, maitrises et laisser des espace de creation aux solistes.


I hesitate to make anyone spend money, but this CD, an issue in the latest offering from Mognomusic, is another little pearl. Perhaps the free jazz elements, which are definitely present, may scare off some listeners, but here there can certainly be no talk of "squeak-grunt" music.

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Price: 14 Euros ( P+P included )